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Tara Subkoff Diagnosed With Brain Tumor

Sad news: The 36-year-old Imitation of Christ designer has a brain tumor and requires delicate surgery. She can't work while she recovers, so friends have rallied to organize a benefit; details here. [The Cut] » 7/06/09 12:20pm 7/06/09 12:20pm

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Getting To Know Tara Subkoff

The clothing line Imitation of Christ is supposedly the anti-fashion industry fashion line. Except, of course, that it is helmed by Tara Subkoff, sometime indie flim actress and Chloë Sevigny bff (Chloë also works on the line). Or was helmed, rather. It was just announced that Tara is divorcing herself from the line,… » 10/25/07 6:30pm 10/25/07 6:30pm