New York Times Shamefully Wishy-Washy on Use of 'Illegal Immigrant'

Claiming a concern for journalistic integrity, the New York Times announced today that they won't abolish the term "illegal immigrant" — although they cautioned their writers and reporters to use care with it. Philip B. Corbett, the associate managing editor for standards, wrote "illegal immigrant may be used to describe… » 4/23/13 9:30pm 4/23/13 9:30pm

Meg Whitman Pays Undocumented Employee, Still Won't Admit Wrongdoing

Yesterday Meg Whitman paid former housekeeper Nicandra Díaz Santillán $5,500 to settle their dispute over unpaid wages. Whitman's rep insists she's innocent but, "This is simply the most practical and cost effective way to put the issue to rest." » 11/18/10 1:38pm 11/18/10 1:38pm