Woman Does Extraordinary Number of Whip-Its, Crashes SUV Into Mailbox

There are just so many ways to grab Wednesday and bend it to your will, to tell Wednesday, “Listen up, Wednesday, I am the boss of you and soon you will disappear over the horizon, utterly forgotten, just like Monday and Tuesday before you.” Some people buy a venti iced caramel macchiato, some people post a #HumpDay… »6/03/15 5:40pm6/03/15 5:40pm


Middle School Bans Phrase 'Hump Day' Because of Goddamn Geico Ad

Administrators at a Connecticut middle school have banned the phrase "hump day" on school grounds, after students became obsessed with the insurance-shilling hell-camel in the above video. To the amateur eye this story might seem like the work of a bunch of overreacting silly gooses—they're just words! It's just a … »10/04/13 5:30pm10/04/13 5:30pm