Jon Hamm and Daniel Radcliffe Reunite in A Young Doctor’s Notebook

Jon Hamm and Daniel Radcliffe have signed on for a second season of A Young Doctor’s Notebook & Other Stories. This is the first in a four-part series that originally aired in December 2012 in the U.K. and was crazy popular and everyone loved it. Probably because Jon Hamm and Daniel Radcliffe are the cutest best? » 7/22/13 10:30pm 7/22/13 10:30pm

Tom Hardy's 2002 Screen Test: Intergalactic Hotness From Day One

Most of us can agree that Tom Hardy — what with his handsome face, athletic build and British accent — is a very attractive man, but has that always been the case? If Hardy's screen test for Star Trek: Nemesis is any indication, that face, body and accent have all been serving him well since at least 2002 (he… » 7/31/12 11:00am 7/31/12 11:00am