Dear Kate Moss: You're Too Effing Old For A Miniskirt

A new study in the UK of 2,500 women produced some interesting results when it comes to appropriate clothing: No miniskirts after 28; no bikinis after 48; no tube tops after 33; no belly-button piercings after 35; no long hair after 52! What does this mean for celebs? Kate Moss loves short skirts. She's 33. Nicolette… » 7/20/07 11:28am 7/20/07 11:28am

Kids Who Get Carried Away... A Poll

Our favorite fashion critic, the Washington Post's Robin Givhan, thinks that the children of New York City are a little spoiled. [A "little"? -Ed.] For example: She doesn't think that Times Square should be safe for children. (Ditto for us!). And as for what she hates most about living in New York? » 6/04/07 2:50pm 6/04/07 2:50pm

, sister! We knew…