The Wonderful World Of... Just-Born, Clucking Chickens

As we said at the beginning of the week, some of us here at Jezebel are nerds and in love with the Discovery Channel show How It's Made, a low-budget, 30-minute program about the manufacturing of various consumer products. We also said we'd be posting clips from the show from time to time. Well, we'd like to add that… » 6/08/07 12:46pm 6/08/07 12:46pm

The Wonderful World Of... Making A Maxipad

Some of us here at Jezebel are nerds. This means that, in addition to television shows like The Oprah Winfrey Show, Emergency Vets and Ugly Betty, we like to watch documentaries about World War II, disgusting but informative medical programs and anything on the Discovery Channel. In fact, our new favorite series is… » 6/04/07 1:50pm 6/04/07 1:50pm