Gothic Archness

Amazing, Friday-the-13th-apropos news: Edward Gorey's "lost" book, The Recently Deflowered Girl: The Right Thing to Say on Every Dubious Occasion, has been reissued - and released - by Bloomsbury. And Emily Post just rolled in her grave. [NYT] » 11/13/09 3:30pm 11/13/09 3:30pm

Welcome, Weekend Warriors

Good morning, doves, and welcome to the very first (but hopefully not the last) edition of Weekend Jezebel! Regardless of your Saturday status, be it wide-awake, half-asleep, hungover, at work, in school, or busy building a replica of the Eiffel Tower in your home out of cupcakes and bacon, we've got you… » 10/04/08 9:00am 10/04/08 9:00am

Welcome To: Weekend Jezebel

Months and months (almost a year!) after first announcing » 10/02/08 3:40pm 10/02/08 3:40pm the possibility of a weekend version of Jezebel, that possibility has become a reality. (Sorry for the delay ladies, but I've had a lot on my plate.) Starting on Saturday, our very own commenter moderator Hortense — ! — will be doing double duty and taking on…

A Message From Hortense, Our Commenter Moderator

It's been a busy week. Month, even. We've had controversies, good press, bad press, new people and lots of tech probs. And so our beloved Hortense has written a missive, originally posted on Facebook, and it's for you guys, the readers and commenters. She writes: » 7/10/08 4:30pm 7/10/08 4:30pm