‘Hiccup Girl’ Convicted of First-Degree Murder by Florida Jury

Almost three years after being charged with murder, the supposed final rung in a descent to madness that began with five weeks of incessant hiccupping, 22-year-old Jennifer Mee was convicted by a jury in Pinellas County, Fla. (because of course Florida) of first degree murder, and will spend the rest of her life in… » 9/21/13 4:00pm 9/21/13 4:00pm

Tiny Kitten Develops the Cutest Case of Hiccups Ever

This is Moses. His mother was killed by a car shortly after he was born, but he was rescued—thank heavens—and is now being very well cared for. (You can read more about his story here). While learning to drink from a bottle recently, Moses got a little bit ahead of himself and ended up with an extremely… » 5/06/12 11:15pm 5/06/12 11:15pm