Paula Abdul Claims Idol Conspiracy Theory, Commits Career Suicide

Following Paula Abdul's appearance on The View yesterday, she was interviewed on Barbara Walters' satellite radio show, where the cheap, sparkly jewelry and the gloves came off. Abdul went off on a rant about how the whole Paula Goodspeed debacle was "an attempt by Fox Broadcasting, the producers of American Idol, and… »12/09/08 1:00pm12/09/08 1:00pm


Elisabeth Hasselbeck Threatens To Flash Barbara Walters

I've been saving a lot of money on sunscreen this summer by watching so much daytime TV. So what if Oprah and Tyra have been reruns? They still have me talking to the TV, even though it might be stuff I already said to it earlier this season. This week for The Lady Bunch, Tyra cements her fag haggotry by cozying up… »7/20/07 5:23pm7/20/07 5:23pm

Paula Abdul Trashed Is Everyone Else's Treasure

Last night was the one-hour premiere of Paula Abdul's reality show, Hey Paula, on Bravo. It's an instant classic: Not since The Anna Nicole Show has someone slurred her way into our hearts in quite the same way. Oh, and for the record, whereas Anna Nicole's jumbled speech was blamed on her "Texas drawl", Paula's is… »6/29/07 11:15am6/29/07 11:15am