This Holiday Season, Kids Will Be Getting American Girl Dolls With Hearing Aids and Allergy-Free Lunches

When American Girl Dolls hit the market in 1986, the focus was on American History and how little girls lived during various eras of our nation's development. But over the years, the company has expanded the types of dolls it manufactures. In the 1990s, a customizable American Girl was created, and it was a hit:… »11/27/12 2:30pm11/27/12 2:30pm


Our Eyes Are Wet: Marvel Comics Creates Special Hearing-Aid Superhero for Young Boy

Anthony Smith is a four-year-old boy from New Hampshire who was born with a chromosomal disorder that left him mostly deaf. He started wearing a hearing aid, which he calls "blue ear" because it's blue, and it made a huge difference in his life by allowing him to go to school and socialize more easily with people. But… »5/25/12 11:50am5/25/12 11:50am