"Baby Killer:" Or, How The Abortion Health Care Compromise Pisses Off…

Like all great compromises, the abortion language in the just-passed healthcare bill leaves everybody angry, and the pro- and anti-choice sides have responded by issuing critical statements and yelling ridiculous shit, respectively. » 3/22/10 9:30am 3/22/10 9:30am

Key Democrat "Optimistic" About Eight Zillionth Abortion Coverage…

Rep. Bart Stupak, progenitor of the Stupak-Pitts and thorn-in-the-side of healthcare reform, said last week that he wouldn't sign the current bill because it would "directly subsidize abortions." Now he's optimistic about a compromise. Time for champagne? » 3/09/10 10:00am 3/09/10 10:00am

Last Call for Health Care: Dems Reach 60 Votes

The end is in sight for Democrats pushing through health care reform. However, Olympia Snowe is opting out, Nelson's compromise is making pro-choicers and anti-choicers tear out their hair, and Politifact explains that "reducing costs" really depends on the metric. » 12/21/09 10:00am 12/21/09 10:00am

"Kill The Bill" Mantra Splitting Progressives & Democrats Over Reform

Politics can make for strange bedfellows. Over the last two days, progressives have joined conservatives in their calls to delay or kill the health care reform bill, but party icons like Bill Clinton are advocating to stay the course. » 12/18/09 1:00pm 12/18/09 1:00pm