Nancy Pelosi Threatened By Crazy Fox News Devotee

Gregory Lee Giusti was arrested yesterday for making threatening phone calls to Nancy Pelosi and her husband, and now his mom says Fox News made him do it. » 4/08/10 12:30pm 4/08/10 12:30pm

Childbirth To Cheeseburgers: Healthcare Reform And Equality Of Care

One unequivocally good thing about the new healthcare bill: it should reduce healthcare costs for women. But some people are still grumbling about "paying for everyone else's stupidity." » 3/30/10 7:00pm 3/30/10 7:00pm

"Baby Killer:" Or, How The Abortion Health Care Compromise Pisses Off…

Like all great compromises, the abortion language in the just-passed healthcare bill leaves everybody angry, and the pro- and anti-choice sides have responded by issuing critical statements and yelling ridiculous shit, respectively. » 3/22/10 9:30am 3/22/10 9:30am

Key Democrat "Optimistic" About Eight Zillionth Abortion Coverage…

Rep. Bart Stupak, progenitor of the Stupak-Pitts and thorn-in-the-side of healthcare reform, said last week that he wouldn't sign the current bill because it would "directly subsidize abortions." Now he's optimistic about a compromise. Time for champagne? » 3/09/10 10:00am 3/09/10 10:00am

Send The Boys Back Home

Are women the last hope of healthcare reform? On Sunday, Representative Carol Shea-Porter said the Democratic and Republican women agree the process is out of control but believe "we can find a common ground." Men were not available for comment. » 1/25/10 6:30pm 1/25/10 6:30pm

Did Nancy Pelosi Just Kill Health Care Reform?

Esquire just published a cursory profile of Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, remarking she "is all about the execution of her job." So how did we end up dropping health care reform off to the realm of "maybe later?" » 1/21/10 4:00pm 1/21/10 4:00pm

Cadillac Plans & Playing Politics: The 11th Hour Efforts To Influence…

As the health care reform bill winds toward reconciliation, special interest groups and one ambitious GOP hopeful are making their last minute pushes to overhaul the bill or scrap it all together. » 1/07/10 10:00am 1/07/10 10:00am

Creating The Final Health Care Bill: Cash, Cadillac Plans, And…

The Senate bill passed quietly on Christmas Eve, paving the way for the reconciliation. When Congress reconvenes next month, they will begin the task of sorting through the two versions of the reform bill and crafting a final document. » 12/28/09 10:00am 12/28/09 10:00am

Last Call for Health Care: Dems Reach 60 Votes

The end is in sight for Democrats pushing through health care reform. However, Olympia Snowe is opting out, Nelson's compromise is making pro-choicers and anti-choicers tear out their hair, and Politifact explains that "reducing costs" really depends on the metric. » 12/21/09 10:00am 12/21/09 10:00am

"Kill The Bill" Mantra Splitting Progressives & Democrats Over Reform

Politics can make for strange bedfellows. Over the last two days, progressives have joined conservatives in their calls to delay or kill the health care reform bill, but party icons like Bill Clinton are advocating to stay the course. » 12/18/09 1:00pm 12/18/09 1:00pm

Prick Me: Is A Tax On Botox Discriminatory Towards Women?

"This tax is not just a luxury tax... This is a tax on the middle class, which is directly against what President Obama campaigned on." People, including the plastic surgeon quoted, are outraged at the proposed tax on cosmetic procedures. » 12/17/09 10:00am 12/17/09 10:00am

"Kill The Bill": Is Real Health Care Reform Still Worth Fighting For?

Senators Joe Lieberman and Olympia Snowe can rejoice: the public option and the Medicare buy-in are off the table. What will happen next? Howard Dean's soundbyte is to "kill the bill," but his actual stance is much more nuanced. » 12/16/09 10:00am 12/16/09 10:00am

Filibuster: Joe Lieberman Continues To Be A Jerk Of The First Order

In the grand tradition of cartoon villains Snidely Whiplash and Dick Dastardly, Joe Lieberman scored a blow to health reform by engaging in what Matt Yglesias describes as "the old double cross." » 12/14/09 10:00am 12/14/09 10:00am

Nancy Pelosi Not Set On Public Option; Tea Partiers Ready To Protest

Congress is launching itself headlong into the issue of reform, with House leaders indicating they are willing to work through the recess to pass a bill by New Year's Day. » 12/11/09 10:00am 12/11/09 10:00am

"Poisoned Pills:" What IHS Tells Us About Health Care, The Public…

Sen. Russ Feingold is thrilled: a deal toward a public option is creeping forward. However, the abortion battle still threatens to derail progress on health care - and history has always shown us how this could play out. » 12/07/09 10:00am 12/07/09 10:00am

Senators Protect Mammograms, Screening Tests for Women

From the AP: Senators Barbara Mikulski (left) and Olympia Snowe sponsored an amendment that "would allow the Health and Human Services secretary to require insurers to cover preventive health screenings free of charge." It passed. [AP] » 12/03/09 1:30pm 12/03/09 1:30pm

Miles To Go Before They Sleep: Saturday Vote Is Just The Start

On Saturday, the Senate voted to move forward and debate on the health care reform, but many of the continuing talks on the issue are still circling around the same fault lines of party affiliation and religion. » 11/23/09 10:00am 11/23/09 10:00am

Congress, Catholics, Conservatives Gear Up for Saturday Night Showdown

Healthcare reform news: Reid is ready to force a reconciliation. Pelosi wants to combine the Senate and House bills. Catholic Bishops and the GOP want to stop everything. Ladies and gentlemen, more proof that making law is like making sausage. » 11/20/09 10:00am 11/20/09 10:00am