Gymnasts Pose For Questionable Pic • New York Chooses First Black…

Does this photo of the 2008 US Womens Olympic Gymnastics Team piss you off? If so, you're in agreement with Feminist Law Professors, who wonder if a photographer would ever ask the men's gymnastics team to stick their butts out like that. • Melvina Lathan will be the first black woman to chair the New York State… » 7/25/08 5:30pm 7/25/08 5:30pm

How Did We Let The Headscarf Become The New Swastika?

Perhaps you have already let out a long woebegone sigh re the news of the two Obama volunteers who barred headscarf-wearing Muslim women from sitting near him at a rally in Detroit on Monday so as not to generate any more photographic fodder for the insane wing conspiracy. I would say this was a low point, but that… » 6/19/08 4:00pm 6/19/08 4:00pm