New Ban On Headscarves In Turkey Angers Muslims • Nightmare Roommate Pees On Dog

• A ruling on Wednesday by the Turkish Constitutional Court that reversed a ruling that would have allowed women to wear headscarves at universities is being met with fierce opposition »10/24/08 5:20pm10/24/08 5:20pm. • Got a bubble wrap-popping addiction? Get your fingers on this . • "Dozens" of came out to picket the groundbreaking of a new…

When The Dow Drops, Dognappers Rise • Y Is Agyness Deyn So Faymous?

Another sad consequence of our crappy economy: dognapping! Pet thefts »7/28/08 5:30pm7/28/08 5:30pm are on the rise, with a spike in February when contraband pooches may have been given as Valentine's gifts. • Is your period messing up your morale? Try this with a little flower that dangles out of your vag. • Double dutch is now in New York…

Gymnasts Pose For Questionable Pic • New York Chooses First Black Female Boxing Czar

Does this photo of the 2008 US Womens Olympic Gymnastics Team piss you off? If so, you're in agreement with Feminist Law Professors, who wonder if a photographer would ever ask the men's gymnastics team to stick their butts out like that. • Melvina Lathan will be the first black woman to chair the New York State… »7/25/08 5:30pm7/25/08 5:30pm