Chinese Continue To Deny Allegations Of Age-Fudging In Women's Gymnastics

Even though the women's gymnastics competitions ended days ago, controversy is still roiling »8/22/08 9:30am8/22/08 9:30am over the age of the Chinese gymnasts, specifically He Kexin and Yang Yilin. The IOC has said that there is no proof at this time that He and Yang are under 16, but that they want the International Gymnastics Federation to…


Nastia Liukin Gets Silver In Olympic Uneven Bars Controversy

Last night, all-around gold medalist Nastia Liukin stuck the hell out of her landing after an excellent performance on the uneven bars. She earned an execution score of 9.025 and her routine had a 7.7 start value. For those non-mathletes, Liukin's combined score was 16.725. Those three scores were absolutely identical… »8/19/08 9:30am8/19/08 9:30am