Vogue Italia Editor Invites Everyone Who Thought Cover Story Was Racist to Seek Psychiatric Help

Vogue Italia editor Franca Sozzani is (naturally) defending her magazine's controversial current cover story, which features a cast of top models in outlandish wigs and hair pieces and gold grills toting babies, eating fast food, and taking pictures of themselves with their jeweled cell phones. The fact that many of… »3/20/12 2:35pm3/20/12 2:35pm

New Vogue Italia Story Pokes Fun at Poor Blacks and Latinas, Seems Kinda Racist

Steven Meisel's brand new cover story for Vogue Italia is already drawing the ire of some commentators for showcasing racist stereotypes. Called "Haute Mess" and extensively hyped online — the magazine blogged behind-the-scenes teaser GIFs and sneak peeks to build anticipation — the Internet now seems primed to do… »3/09/12 10:50am3/09/12 10:50am