Today In Tips: More Fast Food Rage & Gender Myths

Every afternoon we round up the best stories submitted over at the #tips page. Thursday's edition includes an angry McDonald's customer and Felicia Day's response to being labeled a "Twilebrity." » 1/07/10 5:40pm 1/07/10 5:40pm

Today In Tips: Avatar-Related Depression & Eli Roth Is A Badass

We've got more tips for you today, courtesy of our amazing readers and the #tips page. Overly intense Avatar fans, "dim perverts" and more, after the jump. » 1/06/10 4:30pm 1/06/10 4:30pm

Today In Tips: Burberry's Chop Job & Old Ladies' Rebellion

Good news abounds today on the #tips page! Except for poor Emma Watson, who apparently lost her leg in a horrible accident. Hilarity ensues, after the jump. » 1/05/10 6:00pm 1/05/10 6:00pm

Today In Tips: Michelle Obama, Trophy Wife?

After wading through the muck and mire of today's news, our #tips page is a breath of fresh air. Well, more like a carefully culled pile of what the fuck, but who's keeping track? » 12/30/09 6:00pm 12/30/09 6:00pm

Today In Tips: Operation Bombshell & Photoshop Disasters

We're always on the lookout for interesting stories, and thanks to the #tips page, we never have to go too far. Read on for Coco, pink microscopes, and the benefits of planning your pregnancy. » 12/29/09 6:00pm 12/29/09 6:00pm

Today In Tips: Leave Chris Brown Alone & Get Over Rejection

Our inboxes may be overflowing with spam and horrible PR pitches, but all is good over at the #tips page! The highlights, with due thanks to our eagle-eyed readers: » 12/28/09 6:00pm 12/28/09 6:00pm

Today In Tips: Jezebel Goes GOP & Gets Elf-ified

Today we've got a surprisingly self-referential batch of tips. But don't blame us - we're just pulling from the overflowing #tips page. Also on your minds: "inhuman" EMTs and our favorite topics: over-sharing and feminism. » 12/22/09 5:30pm 12/22/09 5:30pm

Today In Tips: Nice Guys & Sex Toys

It's finally Friday, which once meant celebrating with episodes of Boy Meets World and Sabrina. Now that we're all adults, lets end the week with Thank Goodness It's Tips, brought to you by readers and the overflowing #tips page. » 12/18/09 6:20pm 12/18/09 6:20pm

Today In Tips: Powerful Ladies & Gay Cowboys

We tend to see some pretty fascinating stories over at the #tips page, and today is no different. Grinches, scrooges, and fat Santas round out this holiday edition, all brought to you by our eagle-eyed readers. » 12/17/09 6:00pm 12/17/09 6:00pm

Today In Tips: Facebook Asshattery & The Female Tiger Woods

Yesterday we introduced a new feature - stolen from our brother site - in which we roundup the most fascinating bits and pieces from our #tips page. Thanks to eagle-eyed readers, we have another great edition today. » 12/15/09 6:20pm 12/15/09 6:20pm

Today In Tips: Twitter Pranks And Pretty Privilege

We get a lot of interesting tips from readers on the #tips page, and while we don't have time to weigh in on every one, we've decided to copy our brother site, Gawker, with a regular roundup of contributions. » 12/14/09 6:20pm 12/14/09 6:20pm