Apple Martin: Still The Only Redeeming Thing About Gwyneth Paltrow

[Los Angeles, Calif; May 27. Image via x17.]
We don't mean it to be celebrity baby-worship day at Jezebel. [Perhaps we're ovulating! -Ed.] But this picture of Apple Martin came across the wires over the weekend and we couldn't let it pass without comment. We love this photo for two reasons. One, Apple is adorable.… » 5/29/07 1:57pm 5/29/07 1:57pm

Hate The Parents: Coco Cox Arquette

We don't really "hate" Courteney Cox and David Arquette. We're just mildly annoyed by them (bad acting on Dirt on her part; awful, look-at-me outfits on his). But we kinda love their daughter Coco. There's that top-knot, for starters. The kind-of-age-inappropriate aqua sunglasses. (What is she, three? Four?). The… » 4/05/07 9:15pm 4/05/07 9:15pm

Hate The Parents: Lynne & Jamie Spears; Jack Birch

Finally: Someone calls out Britney Spears' parents for their part in her breakdown, and it's none other than big-mouthed Billy Bass comedienne Sandra Bernhard. Bernhard is reportedly railing against Lynne and Jamie Spears, blaming them for Britney's struggles of late. Says Sandra: "I think she was basically co-opted… » 3/27/07 1:59pm 3/27/07 1:59pm