Take a Deep Breath: Online Opinions Have Little to Do With Reality

The internet, in spite of all of its wonderful Ryan Gosling Tumblrs and videos of baby sloths getting bathed at animal sanctuaries, can be an ugly and dark place. Take a look at the YouTube comments on that same baby sloth video and scattered between all of the "So cute!" and "First!" comments you're bound to find… »3/06/13 12:00pm3/06/13 12:00pm

Miserable Troll Ann Coulter Forced to Cancel Speaking Engagement Because Everyone Hates Her

It was, apparently, the "retard" heard round the world. After sending a terribly stupid, ill-advised Tweet congratulating Mitt Romney for going easy on "the retard" (the retard being the President — GOD ANN YOU ARE SO EDGY. ANY N-WORDS UNDER YOUR HAT?), people started to sour even more on Coulter's idiocy vanguard… »10/26/12 12:20pm10/26/12 12:20pm

New Orleans Pastor Sues the City for His Right to Shout Gay Slurs on Bourbon Street

If you've ever been on Bourbon Street in New Orleans during a big festival, after the Sugar Bowl, during Mardi Gras, or just some Tuesday night when, for like no reason, the street is packed with wandering-eyed couples from Missouri, you've seen the inevitable cluster of Christians huddling around a tall cross and… »9/20/12 11:55pm9/20/12 11:55pm

Horrible Pastor Advocates Beating the Gay Out of Young Kids [UPDATED]

There have been some very bizarre and unfortunate arguments made in service of fighting gay marriage, but one pastor in North Carolina has just taken discourse to a dreadful new low. Pastor Sean Harris of Berean Baptist Church in Fayetteville thinks he's come up with a simple solution for preventing gay people from… »5/02/12 11:20am5/02/12 11:20am

Dear Florida Governor Charlie Crist, If You Can't Charge Joe Francis With Hate Speech, Here's An Idea

Joel Stein's story about the jailbound Joe Francis in the April GQ begins with Joe remembering the first time they met one another, six years ago; God it was great. They'd been in the Girls Gone Wild tour bus, watching the crew tape some chick on a bunk bed. Joe had told Joel to fill a Mike's Hard Lemonade bottle with… »3/24/08 12:00pm3/24/08 12:00pm