"Abortion Man": The Worst, Supposedly-Funny Video You May Ever See

Are you ready for the most disgusting, insensitive, unfunny and offensive video you've ever seen? It's called "Abortion Man", and it comes to us via WayOutTV, created by comedian Damon Wayans "as an incubator to develop innovative television shows for the internet." (The video is embedded after the jump.) Salon's… »4/23/08 12:00pm4/23/08 12:00pm


Terrence Howard: Women And Toilet Paper "A Very Serious Subject"

Remember how actor Terrence Howard told Elle magazine's Andrew Goldman that he breaks up with any girl who uses only regular toilet paper and not baby wipes after going to the bathroom? Well, today we stopped by a press call for Howard's new movie, the war comedy The Hunting Party, and took the opportunity to ask the… »8/22/07 3:30pm8/22/07 3:30pm