Science 'Discovers' That Sprite Is the Best Hangover Cure. UM, DUH.

I don't get hangovers very often anymore because I am a 31-year-old languorous crone whose current drug of choice is Chopped marathons, but OH BOY did my shit ever hang over and under and out and in between and all the way down the hall back when I was 25 and fun. I don't miss the barfing and the spins and the… »10/09/13 2:40pm10/09/13 2:40pm

Let’s All Pee in the Face of the Dreaded New Year’s Day Hangover by Getting Super Wasted

New Year's Eve is one of a handful of holidays that expects, nay, demands its celebrants get blackout drunk. Of course we're all going to drink on Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Independence Day, but we'll be drinking serenely as we slip away glass by glass of drugstore Merlot into a restorative stupor in front of a… »12/31/12 8:30pm12/31/12 8:30pm

Now There's a Party Bus That Will Inject You With Magical Fluids and Cure Your Hangover

Not that you have ever, ever overindulged on alcohol, but if you had, you'd know that it can result in some serious pain the next day. Fortunately, a company in Las Vegas is pioneering a new, extremely convenient way to help you recover quickly from your retched suffering. Hangover Heaven promises to rid you of your… »4/11/12 10:10pm4/11/12 10:10pm