A Squirrel-Eating Trend Afoot? Say It Isn't So

Supposedly the Great Recession has led to an increase in squirrel consumption. If true, it is heartbreaking (someone should invent a tofu version of squirrel). But maybe it isn't actually happening? Have you spotted any squirrel hunters lately? » 11/27/10 6:10pm 11/27/10 6:10pm

Will TSA Ever Max Out on the Touchy-Feely Security Measures?

Just in time for the holidays—the only time many Americans fly—the Washington Post reports on the Transportation Security Administration's new passenger pat-downs, which involve touching and feeling around people's private areas. What more could they do to us? » 11/13/10 2:34pm 11/13/10 2:34pm

Joe Miller Challenges Ballots With Ladylike Handwriting

Here are some correctly spelled ballots cast for Lisa Murkowski that are being challenged by Joe Miller. It's been suggested that they all have traditionally female handwriting, but Miller's spokesman told a Talking Points Memo reporter the idea was "ludicrous." » 11/12/10 11:05am 11/12/10 11:05am