We Remind You That, Even In Costume, HPV Can Be Carried Under Fingernails

The ever-brave Nikola Tamindzic continued his journey through New York's underbelly last night, trolling for the best and brightest and sluttiest and skankiest! That's just the kind of guy he is: The kinda guy that shows up at the Shindig and Motherfucker parties, captures girls making out with each other, finds… »11/01/07 4:00pm11/01/07 4:00pm

You Are Not The Only One Who Can't Get The Fake Blood Off Your Nipples Today

Happy November 1st, friends! Are you still hung over from Halloween last night? Are you hoping your boss doesn't notice that you couldn't get all the green spraypaint out of your hair, spirit glue off of your face, and that stranger in an UnderDog costume out of your bed? You may feel less alone if you check out some… »11/01/07 1:30pm11/01/07 1:30pm