Hardly Anyone Bothered to Show Up to the Anti-Gay 'March 4 Marriage'

Look at this picture, isn't it sweet? Wouldn't you say our victory's complete? Wouldn't you think we're the cause... the cause which has... everything? ...Ahem, sorry, been singing a bit too much Little Mermaid with my students. Point here is that the "March 4 Marriage" orchestrated by the "National Organisation for… »6/19/14 11:33pm6/19/14 11:33pm

Man Attempting to Set Up White Supremacist City Has African Heritage

Craig Paul Cobb — a terrifying and delusional neo-Nazi whom some of you may know from his despicable attempt to set up a white supremacist city in North Dakota — recently went on The Trisha Show in order to spew some bigot-speech on the telly. Once there, he was greeted with a little surprise: according to a DNA… »11/11/13 6:30pm11/11/13 6:30pm

In Act of Desperation, Abercrombie Will Now Sell Plus-Sized Stuff

Let us take a moment to throw back our heads and cackle with full-throated, schadenfreude-infused mirth: Abercrombie & Fitch, that floundering mess of a company whose corporate strategy can best be summed up as "Extremely thin hotties only (no fat people allowed)," is now introducing larger sizes for women because… »11/07/13 5:40pm11/07/13 5:40pm