Your Safest Bet: Just Assume Everything on the Internet Is a Lie

This afternoon, the staff of Jezebel dot com received a curious tip indicating that an impish Redditor tricked readers of this very website into believing that he was three different women, all of whom needed money. He further asserted that the trusting community here sent him that money, which he then used to take… » 11/18/14 5:00pm 11/18/14 5:00pm

F&ck-Marry-Kill, Jack Ryan edition

Three actors have played Jack Ryan, Tom Clancy's original hero, in movie adaptations of the author's best-selling novels. Out of respect for Clancy's passing Tuesday night, at age 66, what could be more natural than a game of Fuck-Marry-Kill?
» 10/02/13 9:02pm 10/02/13 9:02pm

A Dog's Life?

Is there something about successful businesswomen and their pet dogs?
The late Muriel "Mickie" Siebert, first woman with a seat on the NYSE, left $100,000 for the care of her beloved Chihuahua, Monster Girl.
» 9/14/13 2:30pm 9/14/13 2:30pm

Stick A Fork In It

Programming note: In Hortense's wedding-related absence (no, it's not her wedding) we are happy to announce that Lindsay Robertson and Megan Carpentier will be holding down the fort for the next two days. Have a great weekend; see you Monday. » 5/14/10 7:40pm 5/14/10 7:40pm

Sunday Night Social: Come Out And Play

This bitch is done, but, ladies, it's your turn to take over! Thanks again to Hortense for letting me fill in, and feel free to get to it in the threads. (Puppy pictures are, as always, welcome.) [Image via star5112] » 4/11/10 6:15pm 4/11/10 6:15pm

Stick A Fork In It

Sorry about the tech problems, ladies. Posts are working intermittently and comments are down. We hope they will be back up soon. Shoot us an email if they persist into the night - if not, happy commenting... and happy weekend. » 4/09/10 7:30pm 4/09/10 7:30pm

Stick A Fork In It

Well, well: The foodie website The Nibble claims that today, March 26, is "Make Up Your Own Holiday Day". You know what this means. Get to brainstorming, and see you Monday. [The Nibble] » 3/26/10 7:45pm 3/26/10 7:45pm