Sarah Left Women's Magazines To Try And Learn "Why They Hate Us." She Could Use A Drink.

Meet Sarah. She used to live in New York and cover fashion for women's magazines. Then she moved to Yemen. What's Yemen? Just a little country where prisoners go to when they get released from Guantanamo, where Al Qaeda is like the Beatles, where eight-year-olds have to go to court to get their own divorces and where… »4/16/08 3:00pm4/16/08 3:00pm

SkyMall: Shopping The Friendly Skies For Pointless Products

Traveling this week? Yeah, so are millions of people. Well, while you're stuck on the tarmac for five hours with the toilets backing up and a 7-month-old raising hell nearby, reach into that seat-back pocket and pull out SkyMall. Everyone's favorite aeronautic shopping sensation is actually a catalog made of catalogs.… »12/17/07 3:00pm12/17/07 3:00pm

China Celebrates 58 Years Of Socialism With Great Wall Fashion Show, Kate Bosworth

Just hours ago, Fendi concluded Red China's first major fashion show on the storied Great Wall. Millions of Chinese toiled and died in a centuries-long endeavor beginning 10,000 years ago so actress Kate Bosworth and socialite Tinsley Mortimer could watch models make their long march down this thing, and that's just… »10/19/07 4:00pm10/19/07 4:00pm

How To Outsource Your Pregnancy To India, Brought To You By 'Marie Claire'

Because our skills are so very very unique and, as globalization fanboy Tom Friedman would say, "untouchable," we didn't really worry about career competition from the, you know, caste of characters formerly known as the "untouchables." But then! Perez Hilton exposed the fact that even celebrity bloggers are coming… »7/30/07 2:30pm7/30/07 2:30pm