Dr. Ruth Freaks Out Kathie Lee And Hoda With Masturbation Discussion

Jezebel fave and OG sex educator Dr. Ruth turns 80 tomorrow, and she stopped by Today this morning to talk to Hoda and Kathie Lee, rolling her r's around words like "orgasm," "erection," "sperm." But it was when she talked about how important it is for women to masturbate that really freaked out the prim and proper… »6/03/08 2:00pm6/03/08 2:00pm


5 Things Every Female Virgin Should Know (And No One Will Tell Her)

The other day we were informed about a young man who didn't lose his virginity until he was in his 20s and created a website on which he writes really obvious — but also valuable — relationship and sex advice for guys who are inexperienced with women. I even learned something from his post about basic stuff no one… »1/25/08 6:00pm1/25/08 6:00pm