Men Killed Masculinity All by Their Big Strong Selves

Much to the chagrin of a certain old-timey subset, traditional American masculinity is on its way out. Gone are days of the breadwinning hard hat wearers earning enough to support a wife that stays at home with 2.5 children; in 2014, the Haves wear bowties with short sleeved button down shirts and post pictures of… »1/11/14 3:30pm1/11/14 3:30pm


Hot Millennial Trend: Living with Parents, Shouldering Crushing Debt

Millennials are always on the cool new trends — pickling stuff that isn't normally pickled, taking kooky Vines, wearing hats in the summer, etc. But arguably the new hottest millennial trend of all is inheriting an imploding economy and then moving in with one's parents due to crushing student loans debt. »8/02/13 2:20pm8/02/13 2:20pm