Cosmo's August 'Conversation Starter' Might Start Some Pretty Strange Conversations!

The new issue of Cosmo is here! And before we delved into what promises to be a riveting interview with Scarlett Johansson, we sated our thirst for "Conversation Starters," the monthly feature in which Cosmo editors offer up little tidbits of trivia that promise to "make you the most interesting person in the room -… »7/02/08 5:00pm7/02/08 5:00pm

That Dear Abby "My Brother Raped My Wife" Thing Actually Happened (And It Was Legal!?)

Here's a familiar familial tale! Remember the one about the woman who's fast asleep in her room when suddenly a man she thinks is her husband comes in and they have sex only to at some later point realize that it was actually her husband's perverted brother? Yes, Dear Abby got a query about this a few weeks back, and… »5/05/08 5:00pm5/05/08 5:00pm

We weren't the only ones who attended Cosmo's gray rape panel yesterday.

We weren't the only ones who attended Cosmo's gray rape panel yesterday. Sewell Chan, the thorough and prolific NY Times boy wonder, included an awesome quote from anti-violence activist Joe Samalin: "There were a lot of things in the [gray rape] article that concerned and frustrated me," [Samalin] said. He said that… »10/16/07 1:45pm10/16/07 1:45pm

Old Lady Shows Others Lost In The Wilderness How It's Done

  • Three cheers for 76-year old Ora Doris Anderson; the senior was thought to be dead after she went missing in the Oregonian mountains for two weeks but rescuers found her alive yesterday. Way to go, Grandma! [CNN]
  • A Daily Mail writer has her panties in a wad over usually demure women being fond of topless sunbathing.…
  • »9/07/07 5:00pm9/07/07 5:00pm