The RNC Speaking Lineup Is Way More Diverse Than Republican Voters

Even though the Republican Party is more like a desiccated pea pod of anachronistic social angst about changing demographics, they can sure put on a half decent vaudeville show every four years, which, with some, er, exceptions, manages to cobble together enough support to make serious runs at our nation's highest… »8/29/12 10:25pm8/29/12 10:25pm


10 Things the GOP's New Platform Hates About You

This week, finally, after all those nerd-hours expended on wondering just what precious metal and fancy rhetorical jewels would gild the GOP's terrible turd ideas, the official Republican party platform will be revealed to a chorus of gasps, eye rolls, and delighted shrieks from Rick Santorum. According to people who… »8/27/12 11:30am8/27/12 11:30am

James Carville’s Daughter Has a Great Plan for Showing-Up Cardinal Timothy Dolan

Catholic jack-o-lantern Timothy Dolan is all set to speak at the Republican National Convention/Stripper Pledge Drive next week in Tampa, that is, if God doesn't smite the entire event with a biblically-themed hurricane. Dolan, a noted asshole about gay marriage and women's health, has been scheduled to offer the… »8/26/12 3:00pm8/26/12 3:00pm

Skinny-Dipping Republican Rep. Kevin Yoder Gets Enthusiastic Support from the Nudist Lobby

The Republicans who decided to cap off their visit to the Holy Land last summer with a drunken dip in the Sea of Galilee have been roundly rebuked and ridiculed for their behavior, which, to be clear, would have been fine if they a) didn't have to enjoy an expensive revel with taxpayer money and b) their party wasn't… »8/22/12 9:30am8/22/12 9:30am

Footloose and Fancy-Free Republicans Enjoyed Drunken, Semi-Naked Night Swimming in Sea of Galilee

The Sea of Galilee — which is not a sea at all but a lake — has now been confirmed as the site of at least two remarkable occurrences: it's the body of water Jesus supposedly tip-toed over as well as the body of water a bunch of boozed-up GOP lawmakers floundered around in last summer during what we can only assume… »8/20/12 10:00am8/20/12 10:00am