Study Finds College Men Are Lazy And Shiftless Compared To College Women

Chances are that if you're a woman and you're in college and you work really hard to boost your GPA, turn up regularly at all of your extra-curricular activities, and generally try to make as good on your crazy expensive investment as you can, there's a college man out there playing the latest iteration of Madden… » 10/04/11 6:15pm 10/04/11 6:15pm

All the freaking out about the "boy crisis " in public schools, i.e. the notion that boys are under-performing academically, is apparently over nothing: a new study reports that "both sexes have stayed the same or improved on standardized tests in the past decade," according to the Washington Post. The conclusions… » 5/20/08 6:20pm 5/20/08 6:20pm