All of the Ways Last Night's GOP Debate Was Dangerously Wrong About Science


For every elected official who carefully educates themselves on the facts and research prior to making an informed decision, there are a dozen more who have no problem shooting their mouths off on talking points they do not understand. As we learned last night in the second Republican presidential primary debate, many… »9/17/15 2:10pm

Donald Trump Can Expect an Earful from Carly Fiorina (A.K.A "That Face") at Tonight's Debate

Donald Trump’s highly publicized swipe at fellow Republican presidential candidate Carly Fiorina (“Look at that face! Would anyone vote for that?”) has brought more focus than ever before to Fiorina’s campaign. “Look at that face” has already inspired speeches and campaign ads and now, as Fiorina preps for her first… »9/16/15 2:05pm

Trumpy GOP Debate Pulled Record Ratings, Because America Loves Assholes

Nielsen ratings this morning suggest that a record number of people tuned in to the first GOP primary debate last night, in which frontrunner Donald Trump call Rosie O’Donnell a “fat pig” and the studio audience hooted their approval. Here it is: the reality TV spinoff/orgy of hatred/pro wrestling shitshow of a… »8/07/15 11:50am

LOL: Duggar Family Favorite Rick Santorum Is Running for President Again

After months of increasingly threatening-sounding emails to people who drunkenly signed up for his mailing list at CPAC, Rick Santorum is announcing today that he’s officially, really, for real, definitely going to waste a shitload of time and money going after a Republican Presidential nomination that he will fail to… »5/27/15 2:10pm