Super Creepy Christian Iconography Sets the Tone for Good Friday

Worshipers carry an image of the folk saint known in Mexico as "Santa Muerte" or "Death Saint" during a procession at Holy Week in Mexico City, Friday, April 6, 2012. Holy Week commemorates the last week of the life of Jesus, culminating in his crucifixion on Good Friday and his resurrection on Easter Sunday. (AP… »4/07/12 2:30pm4/07/12 2:30pm


Holy Jesus, You All Looked Cute In Those Horrid Easter Ensembles!

"Why is today called 'Good Friday?'" Anna IM-ed me wanting to know. Because Jesus was crucified on the cross duh! I replied. But what, she wanted to know, is so good about that? "Because we're Catholics and we LOVE SUFFERING / GUILT / SELF-FLAGELLATION / ETC," I replied, and she dropped the subject. In truth, I think… »3/21/08 4:00pm3/21/08 4:00pm