Let 20-Year-Old Hardware Store Clerk Kiiara Stun You With Debut 'Gold'

Christ, this song is good. Kiiara, a 20-year-old new singer-songwriter who lives in Illinois and works a day job at a hardware store, premiered her debut track on Fader last week, and it’s hugely impressive from the jump—catchy and abstract, snapping and glinting and glitching with perfect assurance. This particular… »6/23/15 6:10pm6/23/15 6:10pm

Russian Gold Medalists Get $120,000, a Brand New Mercedes

In case you didn't think that the Olympics were just one step away from being a gentler version of The Hunger Games (only injuries, rarely deaths), Russia has made the point much more salient by showering their medalists with money and extravagant prizes. While there's no Victor's village quite yet, athletes who… »3/01/14 5:50pm3/01/14 5:50pm

British Heptathlete Jessica Ennis Will Now Enjoy Some Wine with Her Gold Medal

After securing a fancy piece of gold jewelry in the heptathlon Friday night and breaking her personal best in the hurdles with a time of 12.54 seconds, popular British heptathlete Jessica Ennis has decided not to compete in today's 100m hurdles because, she's "more than happy" with the medal she already has and would… »8/05/12 11:30am8/05/12 11:30am

Let's All Take a Minute to Celebrate Ryan Lochte's Gold Medal Before He Eats It

Yesterday at the Olympics, Ryan Lochte won gold in the 400 meter individual medley, a race, I'm told by people who swam in high school, that's really hard. Hard like Ryan Lochte's body or his steely blue eyes. Help our newest American hero celebrate his win by telling him how good he looks in each and every one of… »7/29/12 12:30pm7/29/12 12:30pm