Son Burns Down House After Mom Tosses Action Figures

A 30-year-old Japanese man pled guilty to burning down his family's house because his mother threw out his action figures. He says he was attempting to commit suicide because the toys were "partners" he planned to spend his life with. » 8/25/10 6:28pm 8/25/10 6:28pm

Atoosa Stirs Up Anorexia Vs. Obesity Debate

Former Seventeen editor and alpha Alpha Kitty Atoosa Rubenstein has alerted us to this story on her MySpace blog: Plus-sized model Nancy Hayssen posed in "lollipop-inspired baubles" in response to Oliviero Toscani's Nolita ad featuring anorexic Isabelle Caro. "Let me know what you think," Atoosa prompts. "Is Nancy… » 10/23/07 7:00pm 10/23/07 7:00pm