So, Wait: There's No Point To The Pain Of Childbirth?

As you may have heard, having a baby hurts. Natural childbirth advocates have long argued for the lemonade benefits of labor pain, claiming that it adds to the experience and can even result in sexual pleasure »10/22/08 2:20pm10/22/08 2:20pm and aid in the hormone release that helps a mother bond with her baby. However, a new study, , suggests that…

What Should Jezebels Really Expect When They're Expecting?

There are so many dirty little secrets about giving birth that don't get shown on the silver screen. I still remember the combination of revulsion and awe I felt when I discovered that many women shit themselves during labor. Revulsion because, ew. Awe because of the wondrous inner workings of the female body! What To… »3/18/08 4:00pm3/18/08 4:00pm