Hey, Let's Manufacture a Catfight Between Ann Romney and Michelle Obama!

Before last night's debate finally ugh'd its way into the record books, the Presidential candidates' wives greeted one another onstage. And when First Lady Michelle Obama and First Romney Ann Romney met to shake hands, camera flashes captured every pursed lip, every microexpression. The pictures of the two tell a… »10/04/12 6:00pm10/04/12 6:00pm


These Days, Teens Film Girl Fights For Added Sting

Tyra Banks seems to love having violent girls on her show, because she certainly loves giving lectures about proper behavior. On Friday, she did yet another show on the "trend" of girl fights, except I'm not exactly sure it's a trend, because I think that teens have been fighting with one another for a long time. The… »9/29/08 4:40pm9/29/08 4:40pm

Star Jones Keeps The Bitches In Check On Bad Girls Club Reunion

Last night's Bad Girls Club reunion was so awesome. Even if you never watched the series, you'd still be mesmerized by the sheer insanity of grown women wanting to throw down over every little thing, hurling insults about each other's weight, sexual activity, and yes, mamas. Even Star Jones, who hosted the special and… »5/21/08 12:00pm5/21/08 12:00pm

Rock Of 2 Reunion Sneak Peek: Heather Pulls Out Daisy's Weave

Some footage of the Rock of Love 2 reunion has leaked (via Riki Rachtman's YouTube account), and it shows a little bit more of the big fist fight between Heather (the runner-up from season one) and Daisy (the runner-up from season two). It looks really rough. Heather is one bitch not to be fucked with. She pounds… »4/14/08 4:30pm4/14/08 4:30pm