Jessica Chastain Can Talk to Ghosts, Which Shouldn’t Surprise Anyone

Jessica Chastain, the best friend I’ve never met, can communicate with spirits who have passed on to the other side. As the best friend she’s never met, I’ve known this for some time, but it’s probably big news to all her non-best friends. Page Six reports Chastain revealed her special talent on a recent episode of … »10/16/15 9:10am10/16/15 9:10am

Five Very Good Reasons to Hire a Ghost as Your Babysitter

One of today’s biggest stories is about a family who may have discovered a ghost in their nursery. Instead of being happy about it, however, the dumbasses have already gone to the media to complain about the metaphysical being inhabiting their nursery. Why is that being a “dumbass” you want to know? Uh, mainly because… »8/11/15 1:20pm8/11/15 1:20pm

Here's Lana Del Rey's Ghostly New Love Song 'Honeymoon'

It’s been just over a year since Lana Del Rey released her sophomore album Ultraviolence, the Dan Auerbach-produced “desert rock” album that was a dark and dreary departure from her baroque pop debut Born To Die. Today she just released the first song from her third album, the Mark Ronson-produced Honeymoon. The title… »7/14/15 1:30pm7/14/15 1:30pm

Norwegian Care Facility Reprimanded for Hiring Exorcist 

A residential care home in Norway for developmentally disabled people has been reprimanded by a judge for hiring an exorcist. A few staff members reportedly brought in an exorcist after they got spooked by flickering lights; a dueling group of staff members, upset by what they saw as blasphemy, complained to the city. »2/06/15 9:50am2/06/15 9:50am

Poltergeist Remake Trailer Reminds You That Little Girls Are Scary

Say whatever you want about sugar and spice and everything nice, but the fact is that little girls are sometimes mysterious and often vulnerable and we're scared for them and sometimes slightly scared of them. But of course we can barely talk about it because of gender norms, so instead we try discussing it via… »2/05/15 11:27pm2/05/15 11:27pm

Magnificent '80s Oprah Counsels a Woman Who Had Sex With a Ghost

Whatever intern runs the YouTube account of the OWN network has been hitting out of the park this week, as the channel now features several vintage clips of Oprah interviewing people who claim to have encountered ghosts. All of the clips are their own flavor of spectacular, but this clip from Halloween 1988 with an… »10/24/14 6:40pm10/24/14 6:40pm

These Photos of An Abandoned School Will Send Shivers Down Your Spine

There's something about an abandoned school that's somehow nostalgic, but also frightening. And this abandoned school in North Carolina is no different. Haunting, sad and, most importantly, creepy, this album of photos will likely give you a legitimate case of the nopes. (Especially when you start thinking about what… »8/12/14 9:30pm8/12/14 9:30pm

Man Arrested for Imitating Ghost in Massive Ghost Cover-Up

A man in Portsmouth, England was arrested for allegedly pretending to be a ghost in a cemetery as people nearby attempted to mourn a loved-one. 24-year-old Anthony Stallard was taken into custody and fined £35 for the imitation, leading one to wonder what exactly UK law officials are trying to cover up here... »8/07/14 3:20pm8/07/14 3:20pm