Whitney Houston's Daughter Bobbi Kristina Rushed to Hospital

According to the latest sad news from TMZ, Bobbi Kristina Brown has been rushed to Cedars-Sinai Hospital in Los Angeles. Law enforcement officials tell TMZ say that members of the police and fire departments responded to an emergency call, but would not confirm the identity of the caller. TMZ also reported that Brown… » 2/12/12 3:15pm 2/12/12 3:15pm

Who Are The Female Firefighters In This Pearl Harbor Photo?

In honor of the 70th anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor yesterday, MSNBC posted a series of photos taken that day, including one amazing shot of female firefighters directing a hose shortly after the bombing. Many readers asked questions about the women and now the site is trying to use the power of the… » 12/08/11 1:05am 12/08/11 1:05am

Christina Aguilera Respecting Single Moms at a Whole New Level

Since splitting from husband Jordan Bratman, Christina Aguilera has been living the single working-mom lifestyle and says she appreciates the many other ladies out there who are doing the same. "More power to single moms" is her new mantra. » 11/20/10 3:55pm 11/20/10 3:55pm

Swimmer Gets A Helping Hand At The Asian Games

[China, November 12: Synchronized swimmers perform during the Opening Ceremony for the 16th Asian Games Guangzhou 2010 at Haixinsha Square. Image via Getty.] » 11/12/10 6:12pm 11/12/10 6:12pm

When Posh Met The Kaiser

[London, November 9: Victoria Beckham and Karl Lagerfeld plot the forced extinction of poor people whilst at the International Herald Tribune Heritage Luxury Conference. Image via Getty.] » 11/10/10 1:48pm 11/10/10 1:48pm

Jaleel "Urkel" White Investigated For Domestic Violence

Does Michael Jackson's Son Have Vitiligo?

Star Reports: Brad And Angelina Splitting! (For Real This Time!)

Star Magazine reports tonight that News of the World reports that Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are splitting, possible because no one saw her at the Haiti telethon. They'll supposedly share custody of their kids and $330 million. [Star Magazine] » 1/23/10 8:49pm 1/23/10 8:49pm

Eunice Kennedy Shriver in Serious Condition

Eunice Kennedy Shriver, seen with son Bobby in 2007, is in critical condition at the Cape Cod Hospital surrounded by family. Shriver, 88, founded the Special Olympics but hasn't been very active since a prior illness in 2007. [MSNBC, Wonkette] » 8/07/09 4:30pm 8/07/09 4:30pm

Craigslist Caves On "Erotic Services" And Goes Adult

In the wake of Phillip Markoff's alleged Craigslist killing spree, Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan has announced that Craigslist has agreed to drop erotic services ads in favor of an editor-reviewed adult category. [Breitbart] » 5/13/09 11:20am 5/13/09 11:20am

Turn Into Val Kilmer And Rahm Emanuel, Or Die (Hard) Trying

The fact that most Americans don't believe in evolution totally explains why Val Kilmer will rule the world, everyone thinks Rahm Emanuel is hot, Bobby Jindal has a political career and everyone hates Tim Geithner. » 2/12/09 10:00am 2/12/09 10:00am

Playboy Gives Consumers An Increasingly Inaccurate Impression Of Women

Ok, fine, that's most obvious headline you'll read all day. But Katharine Gammon at Wired has crunched the numbers to actually prove it. » 2/06/09 4:30pm 2/06/09 4:30pm