Defense Claims Adderall, Not Beating, Killed Yeardley Love

University of Virginia lacrosse player Yeardley Love died after her boyfriend attacked her — that's no longer in dispute. But now the defense is claiming the real cause of death was her Adderall prescription. » 12/17/10 11:35am 12/17/10 11:35am

Lessons Of A Fantasy Sex League: It's Time To Worry About The Boys

Boys at the prestigious Landon school apparently organized a fantasy sex league with points for hooking up with different girls. When boys are acting this way, why are we so focused on girls' attitudes? » 6/10/10 10:00am 6/10/10 10:00am

Lacrosse Player Charged With Murdering Ex • Helen Thomas Caught Sleeping

• 22-year-old University of Virginia student and lacrosse player Yeardley Love was found dead in her dorm room at 2:15 a.m. on Monday. Hours later, police arrested fellow player and Love's ex-boyfriend George Huguely. » 5/04/10 5:40pm 5/04/10 5:40pm