Here's Some Beautifully Designed Gender-Swapped Disney Characters

The talented artist Doro dreamt up swaps for characters from Sleeping Beauty, Aladdin, Pocahontas, The Little Mermaid, and more. The princesses are quite dashing in their new roles. Plus, how much do we love the male Maleficent? The correct answer is as much as we love all versions of Maleficent. (Which is to say,… »10/02/13 11:30pm10/02/13 11:30pm

Pearl-Clutchers Beware! There’s a Sex-Swap in the Latest Archie

Archie doesn't even know the shitstorm it's in for as soon as One Million Moms and evangelical Christians get a hold of issue #636, in which agent of Satan Sabrina the Teenage Witch swaps the sexes of the main characters. Archie becomes "Archina," Betty becomes "Billy," and Veronica becomes "Ronnie." According to… »4/17/12 11:55pm4/17/12 11:55pm