Genderqueer Activist Teen's Skirt Set on Fire in Oakland

This story was reported on Monday as a man in a kilt falling asleep on the bus and another passenger lighting his kilt on fire. Now more details have come out and they're totally depressing. Sasha was born male but identifies as non-binary gender/genderqueer and prefers singular "they." They is (are? I'm unfamiliar… »11/07/13 9:00pm11/07/13 9:00pm

Dudes, Bettys, Ladies, And Men: The Gender Categories Of Online Retail

A tipster recently wrote to tell us that Forever 21 didn't divide its wares into "men's" and "women's" categories — rather, its clothes were for "men" or "girls." We decided to investigate — and to take a look at what its competitors call their male and female customers. Below, a breakdown.

Forever 21:
At first… »12/19/11 5:40pm12/19/11 5:40pm