Pay Gap Nearly Gone for Millennial Women -- But They Don't Know It

A new Pew Research Center study finds that "in spite of the dramatic gains women have made in educational attainment and labor force participation in recent decades, young women view this as a man's world." Except for many of them, it's not. » 12/11/13 11:10am 12/11/13 11:10am

Want to Close the Pay Gap? Stick to Dainty Lady Jobs and Leave Man…

I think it's fairly cut-and-dried that the inclusion of women in traditionally male-dominated fields is a step forward for gender equality. It's good when people get to do stuff! Down with segregation! Up with people! But it turns out, in a backwards way, that gender-integrated workplaces might actually be a hindrance » 12/18/12 6:00pm 12/18/12 6:00pm

Epic Mansplainer Wonders Why Women Can't Just Shut Up About the Gender…

Newsflash, ladies: you need to stop jabbering on about this so-called "gender wage gap" thingamajig. You're not being discriminated against; the totally inconsequential pay difference is, if anything, your fault for working less hours and being kinda flakey! Are you on your period or something? Calm down! » 8/14/12 11:30am 8/14/12 11:30am

Does The Wage Gap Really Exist?

Naysayers will tell you the gender wage gap is entirely a result of women choosing different professions, or that it's ceased to exist at all. Finally, there's a concise explainer to debunk these claims and give us some real numbers. » 4/21/10 9:30am 4/21/10 9:30am

"Breadwinner Wives" Are Still Losing

In the latest piece of "recession porn," the New York Times profiles a family in Los Angeles. The new trend, apparently, is the "breadwinner wife." Women are becoming primary earners in this "he-cession." » 8/24/09 12:20pm 8/24/09 12:20pm