Gay Porn Studio To Handle Enormous Task of Digitally Removing Condoms

A studio that specializes in the making and distribution of man-man sex movies has announced that, thanks to computer magic, the upcoming epic love story California Dreamin' 1 will be the first ever digitally bareback-ified pornographic film. In other words, the actors will shoot using condoms, but the condoms will be… »1/20/14 1:50pm1/20/14 1:50pm

Irish Priest Accidentally Shares Gay Porn Powerpoint Presentation with Parents of Grade-Schoolers

Powerpoint is seriously awful. It's boring and nobody gives enough of a shit about your presentation subject to sit through thirty-seven slides of your notes transcribed in size 24 Helvetica font against a monotonous paisley template interrupted only by the occasional piece of stupid light-bulb-over-a-cartoon-head… »4/29/12 6:00pm4/29/12 6:00pm

A Portrait of Rick Santorum Made of Gay Porn Stills

You know those works of art, that used to be a very popular mall kiosk item, of a picture of something made out of lots of little pictures of other things? My mom once got me one of Yoda made of images from Star Wars movies. Well, the internet, in its never-ending and quite successful quest to inextricably link Rick… »2/23/12 5:45pm2/23/12 5:45pm