Christian Schools Will Gladly Accept Taxpayer Money, But Not Gay Kids

School vouchers, in theory, give low-income students the opportunity to attend the same parochial and private schools their wealthier counterparts can afford. In practice, they siphon money away from already-struggling public schools and into organizations that routinely expel kids for being gay. And no one is doing… »10/10/13 5:50pm10/10/13 5:50pm


Dan Savage Cordially Invites Herman Cain to Prove That Being Gay is a Choice

Earlier this week, Presidential candidate/inscrutable jokemaker Herman Cain claimed during an interview with Piers Morgan that being gay is a choice because there is no evidence that exists that it is not a choice. Columnist Dan Savage caught wind of what Cain said, and disagrees. Very strongly. »10/21/11 6:30pm10/21/11 6:30pm