Russia Bans Adoption by Single People Too

The Russian government doesn't seem to care about bad press – or maybe they think the Opening Ceremony went so well it doesn't matter what they do. The Kremlin has tightened restrictions on a law passed in 2013 that made it illegal for same sex couples adopt Russian children. » 2/13/14 11:20am 2/13/14 11:20am

World Slowly Discovers That Good Parents Are Good Parents, Gay Or…

Get this: parental stress levels and skills matter more to their adopted kids' development than the parents' sexuality. Meanwhile, the fictional lesbian parents on The Kids Are All Right are pissing some people off. » 7/28/10 2:26pm 7/28/10 2:26pm

Hank Williams Jr. Pains Our Ears, And Our Brains

  • Hank Williams Jr., who we started studiously ignoring after he murdered our national anthem during a Palin rally, has decided that he's not quite done with being part of a losing campaign and will challenge Tennessee Senator Lamar Alexander in the primary for the 2010 race. [Politico]
  • Miami-Dade Circuit Judge Cindy…
» 11/25/08 6:30pm 11/25/08 6:30pm

30 Days: Gay Adoption Doesn't Go Over Well With Mormon Mom

Morgan Spurlock is the Super-Size Me dude, you know, the one who lived solely on McDonalds until he fucked up his body. Anyway, his show 30 Days, which airs on F/X, is similar to this idea in that he has people live for 30 days in an environment alien to their own. On last night's episode, he had a Mormon woman, who is … » 6/25/08 1:40pm 6/25/08 1:40pm