The Case Of Chandra Levy: Assumptions Can Make An A** Out Of U And Mption

The Washington Post's bajillion part series about the Chandra Levy case soldiers on, leaving me wondering how any crimes actually ever get solved — but not leaving me wondering why this one didn't. To recap, Chandra was 24 when she disappeared in the summer of 2001 after having come to Washington to take a government… »7/17/08 5:00pm7/17/08 5:00pm


Chandra Levy: Why Your Mother Always Said To Wear Clean Underwear

The Washington Post is currently running a bazillion-part series on the disappearance and murder of the second-most-infamous Washington intern, Chandra Levy (we're sure the timing has nothing to do with the end of Gary Condit's latest lawsuit). Chandra came to Washington in the fall of 2000 for an internship, started… »7/15/08 5:00pm7/15/08 5:00pm

Who Killed Chandra Levy? Georgia College Undergrads Resolve To Find Out!

Some criminal justice class is revisiting the Cold Case of Chandra Levy. (They're also looking at Tupac and Natalee Holloway. Fun!) Chandra disappeared and was murdered after she had an affair with California congressman named Gary Condit. Gary was a douche who tried to posthumously smear his former intern as a slut »1/02/08 4:20pm1/02/08 4:20pm