Escada's Honored by Sarah Palin's Patronage...Because She's "Attractive"

  • After Palin names Escada as her fave brand, the creative director is gracious: "If she does wear Escada because she likes it, I mean, I’m honored actually. It’s not politics; it’s clothing, after all. No? She’s an attractive woman, so why not?" [New York Mag]
  • Fashion's totally in the tank for Obama — but we knew that.…
  • » 11/03/08 11:30am 11/03/08 11:30am

House Of Holland Party Was Not A House Of Style

Henry Holland, left, is a young English designer. He is also the best friend of model Agyness Deyn, whom he calls his muse. This should be all the information you need to start forming really dark, twisted and judgmental thoughts about the people who attended the party Holland hosted for himself in London last night.… » 3/27/08 10:30am 3/27/08 10:30am