J.Lo Plans To Ruin Your Childhood Memories With Carmen Sandiego Movie

A live-action film based on Where In The World Is Carmen Sandiego is in the works, which would be fine if Sandra Bullock was still slated to star. However, now it seems Jennifer Lopez may take the role. So far she's only signed on to produce, but the rumored plan is to drop the incognito geography lessons and turn the… »11/03/11 11:12pm11/03/11 11:12pm

The Difference Between Hockey Moms And Soccer Moms Is More Than Just Lipstick

When Sarah Palin described herself as a "hockey mom" at the Republican convention last week, the media instantly latched onto the phrase as a shorthand for white suburban mothers who haul their kids to practices. But how are these moms different from "soccer moms," the white, suburban mothers hauling their kids to… »9/09/08 6:20pm9/09/08 6:20pm

Want Video Games To Appeal To Women? Make 'Em Pink & More Child-Like

What's the best way for a guy to trick you into playing video games? That's the question raised today by the MSNBC article »9/04/08 4:30pm9/04/08 4:30pm "How To Get Your Girlfriend Into Gaming," about a panel that took place in front of a room of male gamers at the Penny Arcade Expo gaming convention in Seattle this past weekend. While the…