Study Ruins Eating for Two by Proving It's Safe for Pregnant Women to Diet

Congratulations, you're pregnant! Now go on a diet. "Wait, what?" you may whine pointlessly in protest. "I thought this was the one time I didn't have to diet. You know ‘eating for two' and all?" WRONG. A new review of medical research has determined that it's 100 percent safe to restrict ones calories during… »5/18/12 6:20pm5/18/12 6:20pm

Chocolate Helps You in the Unending Quest to be Skinny

Remember when you were born, you got that memo that all girls get that outlines the rules of how we must behave, like how we all have to be obsessed with shoes and we have to be scared of spiders? Then you probably remember rule #36, on the subject of chocolate. It dictates that we're all required to ooh and ahh at… »3/27/12 10:40am3/27/12 10:40am