Celebs Glam It Up for Home Shopping

QVC threw a fancy-schmancy pre-Oscars party at The Four Seasons last night and managed to actually get some nominees (of years past) to attend the event that was otherwise reality TV-heavy. » 2/24/12 4:55pm 2/24/12 4:55pm

Anna Wintour And Tim Gunn Won't Kiss And Make Up

Sidibe's Weight Becomes Publicity Stunt For Supplement Marketers

Acaisupply.com is offering Gabourey Sidibe a year's supply of their supplements if she loses weight with them. Incidentally, last August, Oprah and the Illinois Attorney General sued 40 such supplement providers for falsely claiming Oprah had endorsed their product. [TMZ] » 3/15/10 9:20am 3/15/10 9:20am