Scroll and Click a Clit With the G-Spot Vagina Mouse

Just in time for your holiday gift-giving, it's the G-Spot: a mouse that's shaped like a vagina, with a scrolling clitoris, and a button in place of the eponymous spot. With all the hand-wringing over women orgasming less during casual sex, perhaps these mouses can provide an anatomy lesson, kinda, for hapless men and… »11/15/13 6:45pm11/15/13 6:45pm


Terrifying-Sounding G-Spot Injection Claims It's Like Adderall For Your Orgasms

The G-Shot, a surgical procedure available at medical centers across the nation, temporarily augments your (oft-debated) G-spot (the founders obviously lie in the "it exists!" camp) with collagen, allegedly engorging it to the size of a quarter and prompting spasms of orgasmic delight that, frankly, sound terrifying. »10/22/12 6:30pm10/22/12 6:30pm

They Found the G-Spot! No They Didn't! Yes They Did!

The eternal G-spot dispute — do women have one or don't they? — rivals the debate over the existence of God. Now, a doctor claims he's finally found the Holy Grail, although critics say his research is laughably inconclusive. Wait, haven't we heard this "news" approximately fifteen million times before? Why is our… »4/25/12 11:30am4/25/12 11:30am

The G-Spot Debate Has Turned Into a Vaginal Witchhunt

Oh, g-spot orgasm. The media loves telling us that we should be having you all the time. (5 ways to have a highly specific orgasm from penis sex! And 5 reasons he thinks this is sexy!) And yet the media loves these studies about how your g-spot orgasm doesn't exist. Those silly women, and their silly fake orgasms. »4/10/12 5:30pm4/10/12 5:30pm

You’re Never Going to Find Your G-Spot Because It Doesn’t Exist

The G-spot is the God of our anatomy. Everybody swears it exists—because they've felt it!—but nobody can prove it. Of course, nobody can prove it doesn't exist either; so we never give up the hope that someday it will be found. But today, ladies and gents, that hope has died. Some researchers have painstakingly pawed… »1/25/12 12:40pm1/25/12 12:40pm

Yes, Virgins, There Is A G-Spot! You Just May Need Some Injections To Fix Yours

The G-spot. Is it possible we have never really discussed this apocryphal palace of erogoversy on Jezebel before? Hey, let's end that now. First, the news: the G-spot is not a myth invented by the dark alliance of Cosmo and your lazy high school boyfriend. No, it is real, scientists have confirmed this. (Okay, Italian »2/20/08 3:40pm2/20/08 3:40pm