Terrifying-Sounding G-Spot Injection Claims It's Like Adderall For Your Orgasms

The G-Shot, a surgical procedure available at medical centers across the nation, temporarily augments your (oft-debated) G-spot (the founders obviously lie in the "it exists!" camp) with collagen, allegedly engorging it to the size of a quarter and prompting spasms of orgasmic delight that, frankly, sound terrifying. »10/22/12 6:30pm

You’re Never Going to Find Your G-Spot Because It Doesn’t Exist

The G-spot is the God of our anatomy. Everybody swears it exists—because they've felt it!—but nobody can prove it. Of course, nobody can prove it doesn't exist either; so we never give up the hope that someday it will be found. But today, ladies and gents, that hope has died. Some researchers have painstakingly pawed… »1/25/12 12:40pm

Yes, Virgins, There Is A G-Spot! You Just May Need Some Injections To Fix Yours

The G-spot. Is it possible we have never really discussed this apocryphal palace of erogoversy on Jezebel before? Hey, let's end that now. First, the news: the G-spot is not a myth invented by the dark alliance of Cosmo and your lazy high school boyfriend. No, it is real, scientists have confirmed this. (Okay, Italian »2/20/08 3:40pm